About Company

Darya Hotel - Building Development Company
 It is one of the largest and the most active companies in developing cultural tourism and reducing travel expenses and it has also proved itself. Darya Hotel - Building Development Company with registration No. 310379 has been established since 2007 and it has provided Hotel discount and credit cards for the customers to have a low-cost and relaxing trip.

Darya Gashte Nilgoon Tour and Travel Agency
Darya Gashte Nilgoon Tour and Travel Agency with registration No. 374366 belongs to Darya Hotel - Building Development Company has been working by using its own experience in the tourism industry and highly experienced personnel since 2009. Having obtained the required permissions and licenses from the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization of Iran, and having great cooperation with other activists, Darya Gasht-e Nilgoon has mainly tried to provide comprehensive services in the field of tourism and travel, prepare Charter Price tickets (low cost), reserve the hotels all over the world, provide domestic and international tours, prepare visa and last-minute tours and tickets in order to meet the customers’ needs.

Ramsar Paradise Hotel
Ramsar Paradise Hotel is located in Darya Poshte, a village in Ramsar, which is 5 km away from Ramsar in the road towards Chaboksar. The hotel has double rooms (50 m²) and single rooms (75 m²).
Ramsar Paradise Hotel has a significant potential for attracting tourists in the region because it is located near Ramsar Green City Recreational Complex and Ramsar Plaza Complex. This complex also has a private seafront which means that it is 300 meters far from the beach while it also has 60 meter building limits. The restaurant and beach cafeteria are other features of this complex. The complex also has a seaside pier, where the residents can park their jet ski and put water adventure sports equipment.