Hotel Discount and Credit Cards

Hotel Discount and Credit Cards

Card Specifications and How to Buy via Discount and Credit cards of Hotel - Building Development Company

10-year Ramsar Hotel Discount and Credit Cards

10-year Ramsar Hotel Discount and Credit Cards is prepared after months of planning and attempts in order to reduce travel expenses and improve the service quality in tourism. 5-year and 10-year Paradise discount and credit cards are also prepared under the following conditions. The followings are some valuable advantages of this unique program:

  • Providing free advice and counseling services for travel planning
  • Providing free annual stay during the membership for 4 people for 3 nights at Ramsar Paradise Hotel or the hotels in Mashhad or Kish Island which has signed a contract with hotel
  • Using discounts for domestic and international trips up to 200,000,000 Rials during membership
  • Using free stay as a gift if you are a frequent traveler during membership
  • Paying for international and domestic trips by installments to the extent of credits in the company.

24-Hour Online Reservation: Hotel discount card holders should visit our website of the company and enter the pin code card and enter the relevant section, and they can check the amount of credit and records of their trips all 24 hours a day or they can reserve the hotels by watching the images.

5-year Hotel Discount and Credit Cards

The 5-year hotel discount credit card can gives you up to 40 million rials discounts for hotels, tours and airline tickets.

This card is not limited to a particular person and family members can use this card as well.

The holder along with three other people can enjoy 2 nights and 3 days of free stay and have breakfast in hotels of Ramsar, Mashhad and Kish as well as the hotel accommodation which have contracts with the company.

The members of Customer club can be the winner of Special Awards of the website

Hotel VIP Discount and Credit Cards

It is another service which is provided by Darya Hotel - Building development company to reduce travel expenses and promote the culture of tourism. This Golden card or VIP card provides more luxurious and high quality service.

This card is for those people who tend to stay only in 5-star hotels and enjoy special services.

The advantages of cards:

  • This card includes 5 free stays in 5 star hotels for 3 people for 3 nights and 4 days in cities of Tehran, Gilan, Mashhad, Kish, Qeshm, Tabriz, Isfahan and Shiraz.
  • Discounts are up to 30 million tomans
  • The maximum 3 people can go to the hotels in each stay and the accommodation hotel cannot be changed unless the differentials were paid
  • The installments can be arranged (25% should be paid in cash and the rest should be paid in non-profit installments)
  • After paying out the installments, people can enjoy 3 free nights for 3 people in 4 star hotels of Dubai, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Western Asia and so on. .
  • Airport transfer is conducted on all domestic and international flights arranged by the company.

5-Year Almas (Diamond) Hotel Discount and Credit Cards

  • 5 years traveling and staying in 5 star hotels of all countries which has signed contract with the company and it can include 3 trips and 4 nights with the possibility of gathering
  • Airport transfer at all origin and destination airports
  • VIP services at departure and arrival at Imam Khomeini airport
  • Providing AXA insurance on all domestic and international trips
  • 10 people can be introduced to use your card