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The Best Shopping Centers in Mashhad

The Best Shopping Centers in Mashhad

Mashhad Shopping Centers Guide

We all have traveled to Mashhad at least once. In addition to Imam Reza shrine, Mashhad has many tourist attractions which takes a few days to visit them all. The best shopping centers of Mashhad are another important attraction of this city. It is not easy to choose and find the best shopping centers in Mashhad. Here, it is tried to introduce you the best shopping centers in Mashhad.

Reza Market Complex

Reza Market Complex is one of the most famous shopping centers in Mashhad, which is 35 years old and is considered as one of the attractions of Mashhad. The market is one kilometer long and also has two floors, where you can buy different kinds of souvenirs. The souvenirs include prayer rug, turbah, rosary, turquoise and opal rings, perfume, saffron, barberry, rock candy, and spice. On the second floor of this market, you can also buy a variety of turquoise and gilt lettering handicrafts which takes almost half a day.

Address: The southeastern side of Beit Al Moghadas (water square), Mashhad

The shopping center of Eastern Diamond (Almas-e Sharq) commercial complex

At the entrance of the shopping center, the Diamond jumping fountain is located which provides glamorous and spectacular scenery about 30 minutes. There are also 1200 stores which has changed the place into one of the most popular and modern commercial complexes in Mashhad for buying the global brands, playgrounds, five-dimensional cinema, restaurant, aquarium and wonderland.

Address: Baharestan Blvd, Khayyam Blvd, Mashhad

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